Visa Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Eagle Management Services Provision in Visa Services in Dubai –

UAE has certainly been the most popular destination worldwide. The destination has been made with this distinction due to the introduction of lucrative visa processes. Visa is usually an approved permission entry granted to a person within the appropriate country requirement which eventually the person will be able to visit. Such kind of permitted entry enables a person to join, remain, and leave in a certain amount of time and for a certain reason.

Eagle Management Services offer visa services in Dubai, UAE for both the individual and corporate clients. Our team of business setup consultants and Pro services takes proper care of the entire visa application process.

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Types of Visa in the UAE –

There are quite a several types of visas available in Dubai. Here we will mention the various types of visas which can be applied for and received. Those are respectively;

Investor/Partner Visa –

The UAE government makes a distinction between those who want to set up a business in UAE particularly in free zones or in the main territory with having economic departments in various states. Henceforth, the individual entities who wish to invest in or establish a company can apply for a partner or investor visa in Dubai and other parts of UAE. It is important to note that an investor or partner visa remains valid for 3 years.

Residence/Family Visa –

A resident visa, on the other hand, is issued for 3 years and when it is expired you can renew it as many times as you want to. Through a resident visa, you can obtain permanent residence in UAE. You can also obtain a visa for your immediate family members. For the proper maintenance of the resident visa, the concerned person is required to enter the emirates at least one time in every 6 months. Once you are a foreign national living in the UAE upon a residence visa you can bring your dependents with you through a family visa of UAE.

Employment/Work Visa –

In case, if you want to live and work in Dubai, UAE, you are required to have a work visa. An employment visa helps you to leave and re-enter in a country at any time without any formality. A work contract or a valid job offer is required before obtaining a work visa. Once the visa application is sponsored the employer will proceed to complete other formalities which are respectively medical testing, obtaining an Emirates ID card, a labour card, and a work residency permit stamped on the passport.

Tourist Visa –

A tourist visa is utilized by the traveller people whose primary agenda in the country is tourism. The visa permits the holder to stay in the country for 30 days. You also require sponsorship by a UAE airline, hotel, and tour operator. Many times travel agents and hotels manage a tourist visa for you. There are two types of tourist visas which are respectively; 30-day tourist visa and 90-day tourist visa.

Maid Visa –

For sponsoring a housemaid, you are required to have a UAE residency visa. Arrangement of a maid sponsorship is a two-way procedure which is respectively; firstly, the requirement of obtaining an entry permit or employment visa so that the maid can enter UAE and secondly applying a residence visa for the maid. Later on, the DNRD will issue a residence visa, labour card, and labour contract for the maid.

Documents Required for Family Visa Application –

• UAE Visa Application Form.

• Sponsored passport copies of the family member.

• Sponsored passport-sized pictures of the family member.

• Medical Clearance Certificate of any family member is he/she is over the age of 18.

• A copy of the sponsor’s employment contract or company contract.

• Sponsor’ monthly salary proof.

• Legalized marriage certificate.

• Proof of registered tenancy contract.

• Latest utility bills.

Requirements of Employment Visa –

• An employment contract or an offered job by the UAE based company.

• A request for a work visa for a person at the immigration department by the company.

• Presence of a particular valid passport.

• A proper systematic carried out test of tuberculosis, hepatitis C and HIV.

• Authentic Credentials by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassy/consulate of UAE.

Documents Required for UAE Maid residence visa –

• Personal salary certificate.

• Labour Contract.

• Sponsor tenancy agreement.

• Passport Copy.

• Maid’s passport copy.

• Maid’s passport photo.

• An affidavit from the embassy or consulate to prove you and maid are not related even if you both have a similar nationality.

Other Types of Visa in the UAE –

• UAE Transit Visa –

When you are required to fly through the issuing country on your trip, you need a transit visa. There are two kinds of transit visas that are issued by UAE, which are respectively; staying for 48 hours and staying for 96 hours according to your citizenship. Transit visas are not subjected to an extension.

• Visit Visa –

Sponsoring your UAE travel visa requires a friend or family to live in the UAE. The application for the visa can be conducted at any GDRFA office in the emirates, but however, the process will take a few days.

• Service/14 Days Visa –

This kind of visa is issued to those individuals who wish to stay in UAE for 14 days and also have confirmed their return tickets or any kind of tickets to some other destination on Emirates airline. This kind of visa is issued to the company representatives, sales manager, account auditors, corporate designations, and their family members who visit UAE for commercial purposes.

• eVisa –

Any Dubai visitor can apply for an online visa and when it is approved it will be sent to the applicant’s registered email. UAE nationals, UAE expatriate residents, GCC nationals living in UAE, visitors, and residents of GCC along with their friends, families, and relatives can apply for this visa.

• Student Visa –

This visa is for aspiring students who wish to conduct their studies in UAE and it is eligible for 1 year which can be further renewed.

Documents Required for Dubai Visa application –

• Passport Bio Data Page

• Passport last page

• Photograph

Documents required for UAE Visa request –

• A valid passport copy of the applicant.

• A photograph of the applicant.

Eagle Management Services: An end to end support in Visa Services –

Eagle Management Services assists its clients and businessmen at every stage starting from inception to completion of the visa which is also inclusive of medical, emirates ID processing along with a wide range of visa services in Dubai and UAE. Our plus point is that we work closely with the Dubai government officials and ministries which eventually helps us to provide complete guidance and minute support to each and every client.

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