Power of attorney services in Dubai, UAE

Power of Attorney is usually giving another person the authority to act and conduct on your behalf in legal and business matters. This very person can be in charge of your financial, legal, or property transactional matters.

There are basically two types of Power of Attorney which are respectively General power of attorney which is actually giving another person maximum powers on your behalf and another type of Power of Attorney is limiting the procedures and tasks which the person is allowed to handle on your behalf.

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Power of Attorney for Company Incorporation –

A Power of Attorney for company incorporation is usually allowing yourself to appoint one or more than one agent to establish a company or an organization or appointing someone to enter into a partnership for you and sometimes on behalf of you.

You can provide the authority to any agent for signing various company formation documents like Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, lease agreement, partnership agreement, local service agent agreement, and different other legal documents as well as applications for the purpose of registering a company and obtaining a license on behalf of you.

This type of power of attorney is appropriate for appointing any agent specifically to establish a company on your behalf without granting them the wide powers which fall under the general power of attorney.

Generally, if you appoint an agent who is familiar with the local rules, regulations, and policies then it becomes useful to you from all aspects.

Eagle Management Services Provision in Power of Attorney –

Eagle Management Services offers the power of attorney services to its clients and usually, we act and conduct on their behalf in business and legal matters.

We also offer our help and assistance with the power of attorney if you provide the authority to any third party which will be eventually utilized in your home country. Generally, the power of attorneys which are signed in UAE belongs to two languages which are respectively English and Arabic.

Henceforth, we assist our clients in drafting the power of attorney as per their requirements be it in English or Arabic. Apart from that, we offer legal translation services for the power of attorneys. Lastly, we also offer assistance in public notary for the power of attorney which is about to be signed in front of the officer.

The procedure of Signing Powers of Attorney outside UAE –

• Notarization.

• Attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

• Certification by the UAE Embassy.

• Certification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

• Arabic Translation.

• Attestation by the UAE Ministry of Justice.

The procedure of creating Powers of Attorney signed outside UAE and used in UAE –

• Having the Power of Attorney prepared in line with the UAE law requirements.

• Choice of Attorney with care.

• Completion of the legalization process.

• Confirmation as well as Completion of the tasks assigned in the Power of Attorney.

Requirements of Special POA for the Sale of Real Estate Property –

• Details of the real estate property with the precise unit number and other information provided on the title deed of the property.

• Details of the specific powers which are at your willing to be exercised by the attorney while utilizing the power of attorney.

• If the transfer of property is a transfer as a gift rather than the means of an actual sale, then there is no consideration payable for the transfer.

Requirements of Special POA for Vehicle –

• Details of the vehicle registration as per the vehicle registration card.

• Details of the specific powers which you are willing of your attorney for use.

Requirements of Special POA for Sale of Shares –

• Details of the company where the shares are held by you.

• Details of the number of shares held by you.

• Specific powers that you are willing of your attorney for use.

Types of Individualistic POA –

• General POA.

• Property POA.

• Property Dispute POA.

• Vehicle POA.

• Marriage POA by Guardian.

• Court Case POA.

• Police Clearance POA.

• Residency and Foreigner Affairs POA.

• Inheritance POA.

• Child Travel POA.

Types of Company POA –

• Company POA.

• General Manager POA.

• Local Partner POA.

• Company Formation POA.

• Share Sale POA.

• Share Purchase POA.

• Business Sale POA.

• Asset Sale POA.

• Litigation POA.

• Trademarks POA.

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