Notary Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, UAE

Eagle Management Services Provision in Notary Services in Dubai –

Notary Services in Dubai are generally requested and applied by the individual entities who are required to attest documents, notarize certain documents or authenticate signatures or handle various documents such as wills or properties.

Dubai Notary Services are wishfully requested both by individuals and various other organizations who want to conduct arrangements and business transactions. The public law of Dubai notary permits certain registered and authentic lawyers to perform the necessary procedures and processes for notarizing documents and paperwork.

Eagle Management Services assists the law firm in Dubai who eventually offers the provision of complete legal services inclusive of the document notarization. The entities and individuals will be capable of conducting any necessary business transactions and document authentication. Although the certain documents which are not presented or submitted in Arabic or English language are required to be translated by a sworn translator.

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Eagle Management Services helps in the below-mentioned notary services in Dubai with the help of their attorneys in Dubai.

• Notarization of all documents and contracts which are directly or indirectly related to your personal or professional business matters.

• Authentication of all the signatures and documents being a part of the business registration in Dubai.

• Conducting affidavits, power of attorneys as well as wills on a given request.

• Conducting arrangements inclusive of the selling and purchasing agreements for various properties in Dubai.

• Drawing up the article of association and memorandum of the association during the company incorporation in Dubai.

The applicant will be required to provide the copies and the original counterparts depending upon the varieties of documents they wish to notarize or authenticate.

Notary Services in Abu Dhabi –

One of the primary reasons for notarizing certain documents is to prevent the fraud out of them. Generally, a layer of a check is conducted for having the agreements notarized as well as getting them legally approved. Usually, a notary public’s seal upon a document is proof that it has been notarized. Everyone is required to trust the documents along with your signature while buying any kind of car or home as well as providing power of attorney, providing consent for the minors regarding travel, or even executing other imperative changes.

A notary is usually a legal official representative of a state government which verifies the identity proof of yours as an endorser where your own signature will be applied with your own witnessing. The job remains in avoiding the various frauds and making a guarantee that the individuals will execute their records properly and in an open manner. The notarization of essential records is conducted by the legal representative while the institutions depend mostly upon notarization.

After completing the witnessing of the signing the notary self applies their mark, seal, and legal official commission details. These documents are utilized in verifying and authenticating the transaction so that others can firmly depend on it. The notary service should remain authentic, original, and legitimate.

Eagle Management Services Provision in Notary Public Sharjah

Generally, private notary services follow with the goal of providing effective services for demonstrating them more conveniently for businesses and residents. The notary services are usually handled and governed electronically through a website that is linked with Sharjah court with reasonable consideration of population growth and the necessity for a wide range of services

Generally, Eagle Management Services associates itself with notary public Sharjah to deliver the best private notary services in Sharjah. Our thoughtful association of notary public Sharjah makes an assurance that the approach always remains professional and business-oriented so that it can assist the clients and businessmen in any condition or situation. Our offered notary services verify the date of customary documents along with notarizing all sorts of documentation.

The types of documents which are notarized are respectively;

• All kinds of company documents.

• Marriage certificate Notarization.

• Educational certificate notarization.

• Power of Attorney Notarization.

Types of Documents for Notarization with Eagle Management Services –

The associates of Eagle Management Services offer the provision of notarization and attestation services in many documents which are respectively; the power of attorney, the general power of attorney, memorandum of association, signature endorsement, other various types of agreements.

Notarization of documents is extremely necessary as the authentication of documentation is required for any government organization, private organization, or even institutes. Vividly notarized documents resemble authentic and credible documentation which excludes the notion of any forged documents. The notary is actually a witness to the authenticity of documents.

Amongst the necessary, common, and frequent documents, the most important is the legal documents that are required for the registration and formation of any organizations.

The documents required to be notarized in Dubai –

Generally, the documents of a company in Dubai are accepted by the registration authorities and are notarized in harmonic accordance. It is important to remember that memorandum of association is a kind of document which is needed to be certified for any type of company be it a limited liability company, a civil working company, or even a partnership. Also, the general power of attorney and specific power of attorney is such documents which require authentication.

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