Eagle Managment Sevices offers MOFA attestation in Dubai, UAE

MOFA Attestation –

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and International Cooperation serves as a connection link within the wise leadership and the general people of UAE in every side and sector of the World. This Ministry of Foreign Affairs undertakes various responsibilities starting from the supervision and monitoring of all the embassies to the management of bilateral agreements till making various bonds and pacts with other nations.

Apart from this the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also handles and manages the verification and attestation of various documents which are issued by UAE and on the other hand those documents which are issued by UAE, to use it abroad.

In certain other cases, the Consular Services Department in the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation offers the provision of attestation services for all the types of documents which include commercial documents, study certificates, and other documents comprising of law and business. These provisions are a measure of approving the validity of stamps and signatures upon documents which are issued within or outside the jurisdiction of UAE.

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It is important to note that if the UAE doesn’t possess any embassy in the concerned country then the documents are needed to be approved by the concerned country’s embassy in the UAE. Also if the concerned country has no embassy in the UAE, then the documents are needed to be notarized by the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is accredited to the UAE.

In case if you are not able to get your documents attested by visiting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs yourself, then you can always depend on Eagle Management Services to manage and complete the attestation process at an affordable price.

Most of the embassies and Ministry of Foreign Affairs is located near an area which offers prompt attestation services and also proffers the other services in a timely manner.

UAE MOFA Attestation –

Eagle Management Services offers the provision of UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation services for primarily the general people of the United Arab Emirates and expatriates who are willing to work or already work in UAE. UAE MOFA Attestation remains under obligation when you apply for a resident permit through the labour ministry in UAE. Eagle Management Services offers UAE MOFA Attestation for every kind of educational and personal documents which originates from various country. Some of the countries are respectively Australia, Canada, Philippines, South Africa, Singapore, Egypt, France, Netherlands, Italy, UK, USA, India, New Zealand, etc.

Eagle Management Services has actively undertaken all the services of UAE MOFA attestation at a realistic and affordable price. Our service agents have also developed a wide range of premium and custom facilities to assist our customers. Our service setup consultants also offer an online document tracking facility for providing the opportunity to view the current update of the documents to our customers.

Our organization works on some strict principles which are respectively; all the original documents should be pre-attested by the relative government departments of the country who issued them along with by the UAE embassy which is situated in that very particular country.

MOFA Document Attestation –

The documents which can be attested by MOFA are respectively;

• Educational Certificate – Degree Certificate, Matriculation certificate, Intermediate mark sheet, Computer Diploma, Private Diploma, Technical Diploma, etc.

• Personal Documents – Birth certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Police Clearance Certificate, Transfer Certificate, Fingerprints.

• Indian Commercial Documents – Registration, Invoice, Partnership Deed, MOU, etc.

Company Registration in Dubai –

Company Registration in Dubai offers the provision of absolute peace of mind for the investors and shareholders through flexible business operations, company ownership, employing additional staff, and as well as reducing the risks.

Required Certificates to have MOFA Attestation in Dubai, UAE –

Educational certificate – Matriculation, HSC, Diploma, Degree, Master’s Degree, and Ph.D., etc.

Private Diplomas – Computer Diploma, Technical Diploma, Fire & Safety, HVAC, Lift Technician, etc.

Commercial Documents – Partnership Deed, Memorandum of Association, Incorporation Certificate, Incumbency Certificate, Commercial Register, Trade License, Power of Attorney, Invoice, MOU, Registration Document, etc.

Non-educational Documents – Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Registration, PCC, TC, Fingerprint, Divorce, etc.

The necessity of MOFA Attestation of Certificates –

• For acquiring Residence Visa.

• For acquiring the right of selling property in UAE.

• For the purpose of removing the LLC partnership, if there is no will for extending the partnership from the partner’s side.

• For the purpose of attaining an employment visa or labour card in the UAE.

• For pursuing higher education in the UAE of any other foreign country.

• For writing the Ministry of Health and Department of Health examinations.

• For getting admitted to the schools of UAE through the mode of transfer certificate.

• Attaining power of attorney.

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