Ministry of Health Product Registration in Dubai, UAE

Ministry of Health License Approval in Dubai –

The Ministry of health especially issues license for the healthcare professionals and medical representatives who have a positive inclination towards working at the clinics and hospitals of the UAE. The necessary requirements and procedure of registration categorically depend on the specialization. According to the license application process of the doctors, there are quite a few segments that are respectively; interns, general practitioners, consultants, and specialists. There is also another form of application which is the license application of the nurse and that too also varies according to the dependence of specialization. There are also other various types of license applications which are varied as paediatrics, mental health, registered midwives, and other kinds of specialists.

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Eagle Management Services Provision in receiving Ministry of Health Approval in Dubai –

We offer diversified kinds of support which are respectively;

• Document verification through the approved procedure.

• Licensing

• Evaluation of Medical Professionals

• Licensing Transformation from DHA to the Ministry of Health.

• Ministry of Health License Upgradation.

Ministry of Health Product Registration –

There is an entire law abided procedure for registering all kinds of permitted products in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. There are also respective authorities for registering all these kinds of products in Dubai and other emirates of UAE.

Maximum of the products are primarily registered by Dubai Municipality but any kind of medical product, goods, and devices are mainly registered from the authority of the Ministry of Health and Prevention, UAE.

The pharmaceutical organizations register themselves according to their relative departments. Once the registration procedure is complete these pharmaceutical companies can register for medical and pharmaceutical products, instruments, and devices. Although these preliminary steps are conducted by the Ministry of Health and Prevention while health supplement registration in Dubai incorporates different procedures and is managed by Dubai Municipality.

Dubai recently adopted the international standards for product registration which are technically related to the sound health and safety of general people. The registration process becomes lengthy and curriculum oriented. It generally includes more time and submission of further documents as compared to the registration of other products.

Requirements of Product Registration with the Ministry of Health –

• The manufacturer or the local representative has to submit an application in the related department of the Ministry of Health, UAE which can be both in English or Arabic Language.

• Technical requirements and documentation need to get submitted alongshore the application. It is also important to remember that the requirements and documentation vary according to the types of medical devices and products.

• Once it is approved the registration will remain valid for 5 years and afterward this period of time the registration would require a renewal.

• Obtaining approval from the ministry of health takes a certain amount of time.

• Although it is important to mention that the applicant must be a medical warehouse licensed by the Ministry of Health and Prevention of UAE.

• The applicant is also necessitated to have a valid license.

Benefits of Product Registration with the Ministry of Health –

• UAE can be regarded as a lucrative market with affluence and a health sincere population. That is why there remains a large opportunity for growth in the medical products in Dubai and UAE.

• The concept of medical tourism has marvellously unfolded in the last few years in UAE and Dubai. People from all over the globe come here to attain outstanding and dynamic medical facilities at a considerable and reasonable price than the progressed countries. That’s how the chances in the Dubai and UAE market increases.

• Once the registration process is conducted of the products, the relative organizations can import, export, manufacture these medical products and devices to various other countries.

• As the international standards are properly incorporated, that is why the registered products of the Ministry of Health and Prevention are widely accepted in GCC and other foreign countries without any hindrances.

• In case, if the product is already registered by other recognized regulatory authorities then the ultimate registration process takes a lot less amount of time.

Eagle Management Services: An End to End Support Provision –

Eagle Management Services is very well aware of the entire process for years of experience in the Dubai Market. We have also registered ample products successfully in Dubai and the UAE which are also inclusive of medical products.

Our service agents and business setup consultants can handle and cover the whole registration process with ease and transparency. Once you depend on us you will never have to consult anybody else about anything regarding the registration.

We accept your feedback wholeheartedly and we will be also there to help you out regarding any issue even long after the registration process is completed. You can also freely tell us about any of your requirements.

We will be always there to help you out.

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