Legal drafting services and contract writing in Dubai, UAE

Legal Drafting is handled, managed, and operated by the lawyers who have certain knowledge about the legal matters which ought to be written or relative to legal documents. It is basically a legally bound creator text.

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Drafting of Legal Documents –

The lawyers who engage and remain effective in drafting legal documents usually remain acknowledged about courts, attorneys and at the same time use them as a language while drafting legal documents. Usually, lawyers dive deep into the legal dictionaries to ensure their vocabulary through which they can convey their messages across the concerned people in a formal and polished manner. The lawyers draft legal documents as well as prepare and compose law relative documents.


Legally Drafted Documents –

Lawyers do draft a lot of documents. Eagle Management Services offers the provision of correct people and services for rendering error-free documents.

Will and Testament – Will or Testament is a kind of legal document which is drafted by lawyers where a person wants to determine the happening of certain events once he or she is terminally ill or after their death. There remains a beneficiary and an executor while drafting or writing the will.

There are many will drafting services that are provided by Eagle Management Services in the country. The government and many law firms who encourage people to acknowledge and seek any kind of will drafting services if they wish for will preparation or plan to have one.

Memorandum of Association – Lawyers also draft memorandum of association. The document is particularly required for the formation and registration of any limited liability company. This document portrays the relationship between an LLC company and its shareholders. The document presents the name of the company, the name of the shareholder, the address of the company, and share distribution.

Article of Association – The investors and clients who wish to make an article of association generally do the outsource legal drafting. Article of Association comprises operational regulations, laid out tasks, the procedure of dealing with things like appointing of directors, issuance of stock shares, handling, and management of financial records, payment of dividends, etc.

Power of Attorney – Drafting of Power of Attorney is conducted upon the legal document which officially provides the power of acting to one person on behalf of another person.

Eagle Management Services Provision on Legal Drafting Services in UAE –

Eagle Management Services offers the provision of drafting services of legal documents, analytical services, and documentation services for their clients and businessmen. Our organization is best at providing quality and assured services in case of legal analysis, legal articles, legal research, drafting of memoranda, and similarly others.

Our qualified specialist and experts can handle and manage any sort of legal drafting in UAE. They make it in a short span of time. Any legal document and instrument drafting services are provided by us from all the spectrum.

Eagle Management Service Provision in Professional Legal Drafting in Dubai –

Eagle Management Services offers various kinds of provisions in drafting and reviewing contracts for various industries and sectors in accordance with the law that has certain objectives with their respective documents.

We also assist the clients and businessmen to choose the correct type of contracts and agreements regarding their business transaction in a cost-efficient manner so that they can have a good result with their objectives.

Our drafting services are well developed and categorized remaining at per with the terms and conditions which are aligned both with you and the country.

The services are offered in various matters and fields which are respectively; 1. Business Strategy Consultations 2. Legal Drafting of Agreements and Contracts 3. Contract Negotiations 4. Contract Review along with Terms and Conditions analysis 5. Bespoke Clause Drafting 6. Signed Agreement Attestations etc.

Eagle Management Services Provision in Legal Drafting Services in Dubai –

The drafting services of Eagle Management Services are unique and authentic through its methodical employment and systematic drafting as well as the provision of writing analogy practice which finally makes the document drafting efficient.

Our legal drafting services constitute business agreement creation, court document creation, proofreading, and editing of novice and ore drafted documents.

Our system also passes through the undertaking of legal contract review and provision of comprehensive legal advice which assures that the rights are properly followed and protected.

Our drafting of legal documents can be considered as the best for professionalism where our lawyers travel some extra miles to provide practical advice.

We understand our client necessities thus we encourage them to get involved in listening, couching, and understanding all the points. We are also engaged with the daily transactions of our clients.

We put all our effort to provide the clients with every demand they wish.

Eagle Management Services Provision in Legal Drafting Services in Dubai –

The considerations are following;

• Fast turnaround time.

• Credibility

• Quality Assurance

• Application of all affordable drafting rules.

• Provision of legally accepted drafts in all jurisdictions.

• Relevant, significant, and perfect citation of laws in required matters.

• Addressing of all causes of action efficiently.

• Sincere Confidentiality.

Eagle Management Services: Service Area –

• Memorandum of understanding.

• Partnership Agreement.

• Mortgage Agreement.

• Settlement Agreement.

• Joint Venture Agreement.

• Will Drafting in Dubai.

• Affidavits.

• Litigation Documents.

• Power of Attorney.

• Memorandum of Association.

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