Issuing and renewing Emirates ID card, UAE

Emirates ID Card –

According to the name, Emirates ID Card is a card that is utilized throughout the UAE as a matter of recognition of identification for its residents and citizens. It comprises personal information and smart card functionality. It is just like a credit card.

The personal information section of every card is inclusive of the cardholder’s name, cardholder’s gender, nationality, and ID number along with a photograph of the cardholder. However, the ID number is a 15-digit unique number which is theirs for the whole life. To keep intact the security and protection of the card information, the emirates ID card features a smart card electronic chip, public key infrastructure inclusive of digital signature, and authentic certificate along with a finger biometric.

The electronic chip holds a range of important personal information of the cardholder the data remains encrypted. It can be only read, written over, or updated by authorized authorities.

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Utilities and Important Information about Emirates ID Card –

The Emirates ID card is mandatory for all UAE citizens, residents, and ex-pats where the ex-pats can apply for their emirates ID card after the obtainment of their residence visa.

The cardholder is required to carry the card at all times and produce it whenever asked by the law. Along with that, the cardholder also needs to renew or replace the card when it becomes invalid and at certain times goes missing.

Apart from that, the emirates ID card is also inclusive of various utilities which are respectively; accessing secured electronic services, access to a personal portable database, use the card as an alternative to medical insurance as a proof of eligibility, and usage of direct billing medical services, access to various medical facilities, a mode of travel, as a mode of paying for petrol, utilizing ADNOC SMART, etc.

Eagle Management Services Provision in Emirates ID Services –

The Emirates ID card can be considered as a wonderful multipurpose identification asset provided by the federal authority for obtaining identity and citizenship for all the residents of United Arab Emirates with the various provisions of legal requirements, electronic portal systems, medical insurance facilities, prompt and appropriate medical care, smooth and transparent banking services, etc.

This can be considered as one of the basic visa requirements for professionals entering the UAE. That is why as a part of the visa service package, Eagle Management Services will assist and guide you throughout the way in obtaining the documents and certificates for obtaining an Emirates ID.

Eagle Management Services Provided Emirates ID Services –

• Issuance of new Emirate ID Card.

• ID Renewal

• ID Reissuance

• Replacement of ID Card

• Electronic Gate Services

• Emirates ID for Local

• Emirates ID for GCC

• New Emirates ID with a validity of 2 years.

• New Emirates ID with a validity of 3 years.

• Emirates ID Replacement

• Handing out letters.

• Special Needs observation and fulfilment.

The usage of Emirates ID –

• Getting benefit from the government services

• To vote in favour of the federal national council in the election.

• Utilizing it as a travel document for the citizens of UAE to travel within the countries of the gulf cooperation council.

• Utilizing it as a document for transferring immigration through electronic gates and smart gates in various airports of emirates.

• Inclusion of smart card in the emirates ID card.

• Public key infrastructure with the inclusion of digital signature and authentic certificate.

• Biometric footprint.

• Provision of high degree security and accuracy.

• Identification number electronic chip.

Eagle Management Services: An End to End Support –

We here at Eagle Management Services assist you in organizing and managing any type of visas. Our various services are inclusive of work permits, DED licenses, any kind of application, submission, approval. With a skilful and expert team and provision of constant guidance and assistance, our mission is to bring you with the most convenient and cost-efficient services.

Our support will help you to obtain a sense of clarity, transparency, smoothness, and simplification in every procedure you wish to conduct.

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