Dubai Healthcare Authority Services

The Dubai Health Authority was established in June 2007 by the law 13 which was issued by the vice president and prime minister of UAE, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. He was the then ruler of Dubai with an expanded vision of including strategic oversight for the complete health sector of Dubai along with the idea of enhancing the private sector engagement. Previously the department of health and medical services was the functioning authority who used to look after and concentrate on health service delivery.

Sheikh Mohammed issued law number 6 for the DHA in the year 2018. With the enactment of the new law, DHA witnessed a better regulation and circulation of medical services in Dubai. The competitiveness and transparency have been ameliorated with the improvement in medical services and products which have met the requirement of international best practices. The new law has also met the sector’s objectives which went well with the planned strategies.

Sheikh Mohammed also issued decree no. 17 in 2018 for establishing subsidiaries of the Dubai Healthcare Corporation and Dubai Health Insurance Corporation for furthermore ameliorating the healthcare services in Dubai which in order assisted the DHA to fulfil its obligations and responsibilities. DHA incorporated three strategic sectors later on which are respectively; strategy and corporate development, health regulation, and shared support service.

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Utilities and Important Information about Emirates ID Card –

The Emirates ID card is mandatory for all UAE citizens, residents, and ex-pats where the ex-pats can apply for their emirates ID card after the obtainment of their residence visa.

The cardholder is required to carry the card at all times and produce it whenever asked by the law. Along with that, the cardholder also needs to renew or replace the card when it becomes invalid and at certain times goes missing.

Apart from that, the emirates ID card is also inclusive of various utilities which are respectively; accessing secured electronic services, access to a personal portable database, use the card as an alternative to medical insurance as a proof of eligibility, and usage of direct billing medical services, access to various medical facilities, a mode of travel, as a mode of paying for petrol, utilizing ADNOC SMART, etc.

Eagle Management Services: DHA Healthcare Services –

Eagle Management Services always tries to expand its business services in the healthcare sector. We also explore various spheres of locations where our support demand can be craved.

The healthcare sector of Dubai is rapidly growing and developing where our facilities are getting noticed and new professionals are getting a chance to work there. Our team provides licensing services in various categories of the medical department. Many medical professionals are practicing licensing services in Dubai.

It is important to remember that the rules, regulations, and complications of receiving a license in Dubai are quite many but it is properly managed by our organization. By dealing with the government departments in the healthcare sector eagle management services got accustomed to the regulations and systems of those places.

Our business setup consultants are capable of providing you with the correct process along with the necessary details. Our organization is updated and acknowledged about the change in any of the licensing rules and regulations.

You can receive a professional license in the shortest possible amount of time. The special arrangements for opening a medical facility start with our best association with various departments which are respectively; Ministry of Health, Dubai Health Authority, Federal Authority of Nuclear Radiation, Dubai Hospitals. These are also regarded as the primary authority to deal with while opening a healthcare institution.

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