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Dubai Court –

Dubai Court can be considered as a strategic partner for founding, establishing, and shaping up the vision and mission of his highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who is the vice president and prime minister of UAE as well as the ruler of Dubai.

He actually progressed the continuous and ever-growing development of Dubai Court. As a member of pioneering and internationally distinguished courts, Dubai Court propounds justice and well-being for all residents and citizens of Dubai. Dubai Court promotes equality, freedom, and peace across the whole of Dubai.

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Dubai Courts Department –

Dubai Court puts enormous effort into implementing justice in Dubai through the medium of precision and promptness in adjudicating lawsuits and by various other means which are respectively; execution of judgments, decisions, judicial orders, contract, and authentication of certain documentation.

Dubai Court constantly devours its energy in attaining the demand and satisfaction of the general public through the mode of maintaining and managing an upgraded and updated technological order and smoothness. Through the adaptation of technological advancement, Dubai Court remains at per with providing appropriate justice for social welfare.

Dubai Court was established in 1970 and from then on its first and foremost vision has remained in becoming a pioneer in court procedure. Successively alongshore that, they have also valued justice, equality, ingenuity, excellence, teamwork, and independence.

In order to progress their perfection, Dubai Court relied upon qualified nationals, appropriate procedures, and advanced and latest technology.

Some of the services, in general, include civil, labour, legitimate appeals, legal authentication, civil authentication, judgment execution and accreditation of lawyers, etc.

Various websites of the Dubai Court have been properly designed and decorated for offering the provision of electronic services which in order permits the legal parties to see the details of their cases as well as follow up on them and nurture their progress and advancement.

Dubai Court Services –

The various service provided by Dubai Court are as follows;

• Typing of any kind of pleadings.

• Typing of all kinds of petitions of appeals.

• Typing of all penal claims.

• Typing of applications for various summary actions.

• Typing of all kinds of Notary Public Application.

• Typing of all kinds of Execution Pleadings.

• Typing applications relative to Personal Status Court.

• Typing claims relative to Personal Status Court.

• Offering Consulate Letter for Canadians.

• Typing of all formats of execution.

• Typing of all kinds of electronic applications relative to Dubai Courts.

• Typing of all kinds of normal applications.

Apart from these various typing services of different essential documents, there are also some other services which are provided by Dubai Court which are respectively;

• Online Registration of Cases.

• Drafting of necessary Statements.

• Smart Applications.

• Drafting of all kinds of Agreements.

• Drafting of all kinds of Applications.

• Advertising on Legal Newspapers.

Eagle Management Services Provision in offering Dubai Court Services –

The customer service agents along with experts and specialists of Eagle Management Services assists in procuring and propounding all kinds of Dubai Court services to the fellow general public of Dubai. They remain in constant availability and reach to offer any kind of support and guide to any fellow needy person.

In certain cases of any dispute of hindrance, Eagle Management Services always puts their complete effort in finding a settlement depending upon the regulations and legal systems for attaining justice and proper rights of all the concerned parties through the medium of mutual consent.

As a part of the Dubai Court services itself, Eagle Management Services propounds certain jurisdiction over the authentication of personal affairs or matters. Our offerings are intermediate support of certificate services, legal document attestation, marriage contract attestation as well as social status provision remaining at the same level with Dubai Court.

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