DED Services in Dubai, UAE

Dubai Economy –

Dubai is considered as the second most affluent emirates of UAE. It just follows Abu Dhabi which is the capital state of the UAE. Dubai is also regarded as an essential and efficient trade and tourist junction due to its connecting port named Jebel Ali. The port is operative at the centre of export trade in the Middle East region. Alongshore the port, also with the inauguration of Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the city also reckoned itself as the universal hub for service industries like information technology and finance.

The oil reserves and resources of the city are utilized to generate the necessary infrastructure for trade, manufacturing, and tourism of Dubai’s economy. Dubai is considered one of the most dynamic and divergent economies of the world. The city also offers the provision of its special expertise in cement production, car manufacturing, and aluminium smelting.

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DED (Department of Economic Development) Services –

The Department of Economic Development was inaugurated with the motto of creating a contribution to the economic planning and business segment rules and regulations. It has achieved so by recommending various terms and policies along with preparing development programs and projects. All of the furnishing and development has been made possible through acquiring the possible resources.

The Department of Economic Development is reckoned as the government authority of Dubai, UAE. The foremost duty, as well as the agenda of it, is to formulate and bring into necessary action the economic fluctuation and corners of the country.

The government of Dubai is envisioned with transforming the structure and model of the city into a creative, moulded, and modified service-oriented economy. The vision will eventually enhance the business environment along with ameliorating the economic growth and development. The whole process will be entirely supported by DED.

Along with the sectors and segments, simultaneously the official body will emerge various plans and policies which will be positively affecting the governmental economy. In the near future, the official body will determine and provide assistance to the growth of strategic and underdeveloped sectors.

The economic ground of the city will serve the domestic, national, and international sectors in a full-fledged manner.

DED (Department of Economic Development) Licenses –

The Department of Economic Development issues various licenses for the established as well as the upcoming businesses in Dubai. The following are the licenses which are provided by the Government body;

• Amendment, relative to shareholder(s) or partner(s).

• Trade License Issuance

• Trade License Renewal

• Amendment of Trade License Activities

• Memorandum of Association Amendment

Eagle Management Services LLC.: DED (Department of Economic Development0 Dubai Company Formation –

Our clients, shareholders, businessmen can concentrate on the future and creation of the business along with the business operation, expansion, and strategies while we at Eagle Management Services take care of all the leg work, paperwork processing, documentation, submission, and registration obtainment for the company.

Our processes and procedures are hindrances free, efficient, transparent, simple, easy, and end-to-end equipped which actually helps the business to touch the ground in no time at all.

Our customer service agents process the payments and due applications. We offer the below mentioned three licenses which are functional to different departments.

• Industrial License caters to the engagement in industrial activity and manufacturing.

• Professional License is issued to the providence of professional services, craftworks and artisan works.

• Commercial License caters to the engagement of any trading.

Advantages of DED (Department of Economic Development) Services: An Eagle Management Services Provision –

The team of specialists and experts in Eagle Management Services assists the clients and the shareholders with supreme skills and advanced technologies to demonstrate and sustain a retail brand or service. Eagle Management Services acts as a perfect stature for guidance and support through hand to hand delivery for every client throughout the entire process of the business setup and assure them in providing the desired outcome at any cost.

Required Documentation –

The foreign investors especially prioritize on receiving a trade license in Dubai for conducting their businesses. Through the trade license, they can open various types of businesses which include Limited Liability Company, Joint Liability Company, Service Agent Company, etc.

The required licenses to set up a company in Dubai are respectively industrial license, professional license, e-commerce license, etc. as earlier mentioned. The required documentation for these licenses are the following;

• Article of Association

• A notary signed power of attorney. (for the local partner)

• Incorporation certificate

• A copy of the representative’s passport.

Eagle Management Services: An End to End Support –

We here at Eagle Management Services assist you in organizing and managing any type of visas. Our various services are inclusive of work permits, DED licenses, any kind of application, submission, approval. With a skilful and expert team and provision of constant guidance and assistance, our mission is to bring you with the most convenient and cost-efficient services.

Our support will help you to obtain a sense of clarity, transparency, smoothness, and simplification in every procedure you wish to conduct.

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