New Company Registration in Sharjah, UAE

Sharjah –

Sharjah is a very safe and advanced emirate. Sharjah offers some marvellous opportunities for foreign investors by being the only city with access to the ports of the Arabian Gulf’s eastern and western coasts along with the access to the Indian Ocean and having an intermediate connection with North Africa. Sharjah offers the provision of global economic energy supply. Sharjah has portrayed massive advancement in the sectors of technology, arts, and culture. The wealth, heritage, and cost-efficiency of the city are really appealing.

The flourishing economy of the city attracts many foreign investments. Along with that, the Sharjah government acknowledges the essentiality of trade, service, and manufacturing which has survived the national economy. The government policies, rules, and regulations remain in favour of the businesses as well as the national economy is also liberal with competitive fee structures and property lease rates.

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Company Formation and Business Setup in Sharjah –

The economic expansion and the most rewarding industrial destination bring in foreign investment in the country. The flexible governmental schemes have gained a propositional faith of the global investors and entrepreneurs. This has also brought in the speed and economic majority amongst the emirates.

Through the medium of setting up a business in Sharjah, a long term contract and customer relationship have been strengthened.

Sharjah allows local, national, and multi-national operations. The local government of Sharjah offers the provision of various and diversified incentives to the startups and existing businesses who are planning to expand their organization. The in house specialists and service agents of Eagle Management Services help you to opt for a hassle-free, smooth business setup in Sharjah. Eagle Management Services also stays at per with the Sharjah laws and regulations which in order facilitates the licensing and visa completion for the clients. The documentation, paperwork, review, and submission of legal documents are managed and maintained by Eagle Management Services. Our business setup consultants also help in receiving approval from the government authorities for the company formation.

Eagle Management Services assists various firms, entrepreneurs, businessmen, and shareholders to set up business in Sharjah through conducting and completing company incorporation, company registration, and consultation.

Business Licenses with Business activities in Sharjah –

Industrial License – Industrial license includes activities like 1. Manufacturing 2. Processing 3. Packaging 4. Assembling 5. Fabrication. Business setup in Sharjah through industrial license requires approval from regulatory bodies like the Sharjah Civil Defence Authority, Sharjah Electric and Water Authority, Ministry of Economy. Although Eagle Management Services takes care of the licensing process, preparation requirements, and registration.

Commercial License – Commercial License includes activities like 1. Import 2. Export 3. Trading 4. E-commerce. The additional licenses, permits, and approvals required from the relevant authorities are all managed by Eagle Management Services in case of businesses like Pharmacies, restaurants, jewellery stores, etc. Eagle Management Services assists in the commercial company formation process with the acquisition of a valid tenancy contract along with the reviewing and submission of necessary documents.

Professional Licenses – The business services it includes are respectively; 1. Business Consultancy 2. Management Consultancy 3. Marketing Consultancy 4. IT Consultancy 5. Designing Consultancy 6. HR Consultancy 7. Tourism Consultancy 8. Event Management 9. Health and Fitness Consultancy 10. Sports Consultancy 11. Overseas Project Management 12. Overseas Turnkey Project 13. Marine Related Activities 14. Own resources investment. Apart from that, Eagle Management Services will work as a representative for the business you opt for and will process the work permits, visas, and license renewals at due time.

The procedure of Company Setup in Sharjah –

Setting up a company in Sharjah requires the completion of the following procedures;

• Signature on a lease agreement and memorandum of association.

• Processing of all the requisite documents for obtaining an issued payment voucher.

• Completion of all the licensing requirements for obtaining an issued trade license.

• Obtaining approval from the name board.

• Application for an establishment card.

• Obtainment of employee approval from the ministry of labor.

• Getting a visa stamp from the immigration department.

• Choosing the economic activity of the business.

• Determination of the legal incorporation type of business.

• Fetching a local sponsor.

• Submission of the company registration application with a company name to the Department of Economic Development.

• Notarization of the memorandum of association.

• Filing of the company documents with the department of economic development for obtaining a trade license from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

• Registration of the company trade name.

• Procurement of initial approval.

• Obtainment of location approval and inspection approval from the municipality.

Company Registration in Sharjah –

If properly structured and formed, company registration in Sharjah is both a tax-efficient and cost-efficient way for entrepreneurs, businessmen, shareholders, and startups to conduct local, national, multi-national, and international businesses. Many of the clients and independent entities choose Sharjah airport free zone for their company registration> Sharjah is a wonderful alternative to company registration in comparison to Dubai.

Business Setup Services in Sharjah –

The business setup consultants of Eagle Management Services help you with the following business setup services in Sharjah;

• Company setup

• Company registration

• Local Sponsorship

• Public Relations Officer Services

• Accounting

• Bookkeeping

• Auditing

• Tax Consulting

• Value Added Tax Registration

• Legal Advisory

• Branch Office Setup in Sharjah

• Intellectual Property Protection.

Advantages of Company Setup and Registration in Sharjah –

• As a tax haven, Sharjah is free from any corporate income tax.

• Complete tax exemption for import, export, and commercial levies.

• 100% capital and profit repatriation for foreign companies.

• Cent percent of foreign and international company ownership.

• Cancellation of any quotas, foreign exchange controls, and trade barriers.

• Investors can obtain lucrative governmental incentives.

• Good communication infrastructure.

• Presence of local and foreign banks.

• Provision of warehousing facility.

• Modern legal framework.

• Investment Security.

Eagle Management Services. – An end to end support –

For settling a successful business set up, company registration, and formation in Sharjah, Eagle Management Services provide an end to end support for every client which includes the provision of free face to face consultation, free on-call consultation, and round the clock customer service support. We are definite that these facilities will certainly enhance the whole procedure with a touch of smoothness and clarity.

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