New Company Registration in Dubai, UAE

Eagle Management Services: Business Setup in Dubai –

If the owner or investor wants to establish a manufacturing or trading company in UAE, then the best possible space for setting up a company is Dubai. A business setup in Dubai requires to have a UAE national where the local sponsors will have a 51% of company share ownership and foreign national will have 49% of company share ownership. A Company doesn’t require any minimum capital investment and can be precisely formed by 2 to 50 shareholders. On the other hand, the management of the company is conducted by managers who are not necessarily UAE nationals.

Although the process of setting up a business is relatively transparent and easy. It also requires certain documentation, paperwork as well as special approvals upon the business activity. Eagle Management Services helps you with expert consultation and end to end guidance with dedicated PRO service support in company formation in Dubai.

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However, the necessary steps for company setup in Dubai are respectively;

• Choice of business activities and a tradename reservation.

• Tradename approval procurement as well as legal business form approval.

• Procuring additional approval from the Department of Economic Development.

• Properly searching and finding a UAE local sponsor and shareholder resolution with required agreements.

• Preparation of the Memorandum and Local Service Agreement.

• Submission of the documents for review and initial approvals.

• Obtaining the physical space for the office along with the tenancy contract.

• Obtaining the Company setup license with the submission of tenancy contract and approval documents.

• The final step is an application for a residence visa, emirates id, along with opening a corporate bank account in Dubai.

Company Registration in Dubai –

Company Registration in Dubai offers the provision of absolute peace of mind for the investors and shareholders through flexible business operations, company ownership, employing additional staff, and as well as reducing the risks.

Company Registration Procedure in Dubai –

With the obtained correct support and a step by step procedure, the company registration procedure can be conducted smoothly and easily without hindrances and hassles. With the obtained assistance from Eagle Management Services , the company registration can take up to a minimum of 7 days. The steps are respectively;

• The choice of the business activity includes the step where the authority will decide on the business activity and visa requirements and further will state the total cost of the package being relatable with the business.

• The finalization of the company name includes the procedure to ensure that the name is clear and suitable for registration. If not, then finding a better alternative.

• The finalization of incorporation paperwork is the finalization of registration paperwork before the management of the licensing process with the government.

• Processing the business immigration card is selecting a visa trade license package so that the Eagle Management Services can make the application of immigration card through the immigration authority.

• Processing of the visa means the provision of guidance from us for a visa when you require that.

• Obtaining the license notification corresponds to receiving the company license by Eagle Management Service so that later on you can pick up the original corporate documents.

• Opening a bank account is the final step where you have all the paperwork ready for opening the corporate bank account. Eagle Management Services will eventually introduce you with specialist advisors connecting to primary banks which will further ease out the process.

Company Registration Cost in Dubai –

In order to successfully set up your company in Dubai, the company registration cost can cover up all the majority of cost components. The most cost incurred on office rent for company registration. Sometimes, the few areas in Dubai are dependent on the office space which rises due to the popularity of the region so the physical office location must be chosen wisely based on the annual turnover. Thus the investors must choose low rental rates of office spaces.

Without including the visa fees and office rents the minimum limit of business setup cost in Dubai is 24,683 AED. Having a general trading license in UAE with an company structure charges the mentioned rate.

Company Formation Cost in Dubai –

Generally, the cost of company formation in Dubai varies according to the nature of business. Mostly the cost of company formation in Dubai is lucid and transparent and there are particularly no hidden costs. However, the cost sectors are divided into particular segments which are respectively; documentation, attestation, business license, visa processing, and immigration.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are also certain other requirements that include additional approvals, document clearance which are required to be monitored and governed by the UAE embassy and other concerned authorities. These also incur fees. There is also another service fee which is needed to be paid to the service agent and business consultants for executing the necessary services. Consultants also charge these fees.

Eagle Management Services . – An end to end support –

For settling a successful business set up, company registration, and formation in Dubai, Eagle Management Services provide an end to end support for every client which includes the provision of free face to face consultation, free on-call consultation, and round the clock customer service support. We are definite that these facilities will certainly enhance the whole procedure with a touch of smoothness and clarity.

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