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Trade License –

In the UAE region, all a business requires is a trade license. The procedure of obtaining a business license in the UAE requires getting approval from the government and the Department of Economic Development. Along with that, you are necessitated to have all the approvals and documentation ready to get it cleared from the various UAE agencies. For the first time, and over a repeated period of time, the process is a little complex and expensive.

There comes Eagle Management Services who help you in obtaining your business license in Dubai as well as in the other emirates. We help you in acquiring the proper license and also provide requisite reminders on renewing the license. In certain cases, when you require to cancel the trade license, Eagle Management Services expedites the procedure by minimum fees and fines.

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Types of Trade License in Dubai, UAE –

The basic requirement for all business activities in Dubai, UAE is having any of the one below-mentioned trade licenses;

• Professional License is required for professionals conducting specific jobs that cover any professions, services, craftsmanship, and artisans.

• A commercial license is required for all kinds of trading works

• Industrial License is required for the establishment of the manufacturing of industrial works.

• General Trade License is required for the establishment of exports, trades, and imports.

Various special licenses are issued by the governing authorities such as Business Operation permit, Entrepreneurial Business License which is subjected to certain criteria.

Required Steps to Obtain Trade License in Dubai, UAE –

Acquiring a trade license in Dubai, UAE is a simple and easy process where all you have to do is amend by and complete all the legal requirements for the respective government authorities.

• Requesting for an original approval from the Department of Economic Development.

• Naming and identifying the category for the profession, business, commercial, or industrial.

• Regulating all the connected business activities for every business license.

• Preparation of the business legal status in the UAE.

• Receiving efficient and useful approvals from suitable government authorities.

• Creation of a company name.

• Leasing business premises.

• Obtaining the correct letter of consent from the authority.

• Collection of all the required documentation like the memorandum of association.

The requirement for obtaining a trade license in Dubai, UAE –

Below mentioned steps are required to be met for adhering to the legal requirements from all concerned authorities and guaranteeing the maximum commercial benefit for the business owner. The steps are respectively;

• Identifying the category of the business.

• Determination of the business activities related to every business license.

• Making a decision based upon the appropriate legal status of the business.

• Selection of a trading name for the business.

• Submission of an application to the department for the process of initial approval.

• Registration of a trading name after obtaining the initial approval.

• Leasing of business premises as well as obtaining approval from the authority.

• Preparation of all required documentation and paperwork like memorandum of association, separate approvals from the government authorities.

• Submission of a final application to the department for obtaining the final license.

• Processing payment as the required fees.

Business license registration and approval process in Dubai, UAE –

• For the issuance of a license for any financial institution, it needs approval from the UAE central bank.

• For the issuance of a license for any manufacturing organization, an approval from the Finance and Industry Ministry is required.

• An approval from the Economy and Commerce Ministry is required for the issuance of a license for insurance companies.

• For the purpose of issuance of a license for medical and pharmaceutical product companies, approval is required from the Health Ministry.

• It is important to remember that for the issuance of license related to gas or production companies, additional endorsement and approvals are required from other government agencies.

General Trade License in Dubai, UAE –

General Trade Licenses are generally required for the trading, exporting, and importing businesses. Electronic goods, furniture, and food products receive this license. Through the license, the companies trade locally inside UAE and with other markets across the globe. The businesses can also trade in mixed goods.

The business is permitted to trade, import, and export any sorts of cosmetics and building materials.

Tourism License in Dubai, UAE –

Tourism licenses are issued to the companies or individuals or certain entities who are willing to engage in the business of tourism and travel.

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