Fujairah Free Zone –

Fujairah free zone is almost adjacent to the port of Fujairah. Established organizations and companies over here enjoy and possess the access to Arabian Gulf Ports, The Red Sea, Iran, India, Pakistan. The organizations can have the mainline services which usually arrive weekly from Northern Europe, Mediterranean, North America and far east regions. Also the essential and required services of Fujairah leaves from here to far east two times a week and to North America one time in a week.

Fujairah free zone falls also very near to Fujairah international airport which is considered as the only airport providing its service in the UAE East Coast and Northern Oman. As mentioned and briefly discussed above, the wonderful geographic location containing world’s major and primary shipping routes, ports, airports are all wonderfully present in this free zone. Apart from that, the entirely balanced and streamlined procedures have made the place appropriate for conducting business.

Fujairah Free Zone offers the provision of an unparalleled economy for investors and entrepreneurs with cost-effective tariffs and least possible time of starting up a business. Fujairah Free Zone offers the completion of all the necessary licenses within one working day. Apart from that, relatively cheaper establishment costs, low overheads make Fujairah Free Zone an ultimate investment propositional place.

Singlehandedly Fujairah Free Zone is very popular for its accessibility, connectivity and economy. The rules, regulations and policies over here are quite business-friendly and the space offers the provision of multiple and major investment opportunities. However, the economic and commercial advantages of Fujairah Free Zone make the place worthy and suitable for all kinds of investors and entrepreneurs.

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Eagle Management Services LLC.: Business Set up in Fujairah Free Zone –

Setting up a business in Fujairah Free Zone is fairly simple and easy if you have the correct information and details. Eagle Management Services LLC helps in providing the necessary and essential company formation services. Eagle Management Services offers you around the clock assistance from the business set up consultants to resolve the inquiries and questions of the investor or the entrepreneur. They also inform you about the license cost in advance.

Eagle Management Services takes care of your paperwork, documentation and necessary submission of all the documents to the concerned departments.

Eagle Management Services Business set up consultants will go to the Fujairah Culture and Media Authority as well as to Fujairah Economic Department and will eventually process the papers on your behalf.

Fujairah Free Zone Company/Ownership Types –

Fujairah Free Zone offers the opportunity of various businesses. The below mentioned are the types of company/ownership types accessible from the place;

• Branch of a UAE Company

• Branch of a foreign company (inclusive of offshore)

• Free Zone Company

• Free Zone Establishment

Fujairah Free Zone: Why Set Up a company here?

• The fastest company set up procedure in UAE

• No capital requirements

• No necessity of attestation

• No requirement of any educational certificates

• Cancellation of taxes

• No requirement of preliminary approval for immigration

• No necessity of personal presence for company registration

• Cancellation of annual reporting

• Lowest annual fees in the entire UAE

• The easiest place to open a bank account in Dubai

Fujairah Free Zone: Types of Licenses –

• Normal Trading License which is a license holder for freely importing and exporting commodities and goods specified by the Fujairah Free Zone authority.

• General Trading License provides the legal right to import, export and re-export any of the Fujairah Free Zone authority specified products

• Professional/ Service License offers the provision of the authority to assure a proper Fujairah free zone company setup and operations within the free zone

• Industrial License are for the entrepreneurs who wants to set up an industrial unit within the free zone premises.

• Warehousing License provides the authority for hiring any warehouse for the purpose of storage and distribution.

There are two other types of licenses which are respectively;

• National Industrial License

• Consultancy License

Fujairah Free Zone: Required Documents for Business Setup –

• Certificate of Incorporation

• Memorandum of Association

• Article of Association

• Board Resolution

• Valid Trade License

• Good standing certificate

• Passport copy of the individual shareholder

• Passport copy of the director

• Passport copy and UAE Visa of the general manager

• Bank reference letter

• Company application form

• Resume of the shareholder

• Address Proof

Fujairah Free Zone: Advantages of Company Formation –

• Complete foreign ownership

• Multiple access points to domestic and international market through land, sea and air

• Investor driven policies

• Varieties of duty exemption

• Complete income and corporate tax exemption

• Entire profit and capital repatriation

• Minimum license time which is within 1 day

• Short start uptime

• Complete investment security

• Service provided by Fujairah Port and Fujairah International Port

• Steady tariff

• No hidden cost

• No recruitment restriction

• Abundant and cheap energy

• Mutual custom facility which are common with UAE

• Various investment fields

• Cost-efficient investment facilitation

Fujairah Free Zone: Company Setup Procedure –

• Determination of the type of business activity

• Preparation of a detailed informative plan for the business set up

• Selection of your company name

• Reserving the company name with Fujairah Free Zone authority

• Maintenance of the paid up capital amount in a bank for a minimum period of time

• Handling business registration along with licensing necessities.

• Getting the sign of the shareholders in the company formation documents within the presence of the free zone authorities.

Eagle Management Services LLC. – An end to end support –

For settling a successful business set up and formation in Dubai free zone, Eagle Management Services provide an end to end support for every client which includes the provision of free face to face consultation, free on-call consultation, and round the clock customer service support. We are definite that these facilities will certainly enhance the whole procedure with a touch of smoothness and clarity.

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