Dubai Freezone

If you are looking for a free zone business set up, then there is nothing better than the place Dubai itself. Dubai offers the provision of more than 20 free zones and possesses some of the most magnificent and prestigious free zones in Dubai. Dubai offers some exceptional A- category business conveniences which is inclusive of flexible desk setup, flexible office set up, marvellous infrastructure, smooth operational facilities, managerial support, freehold property structure etc. Apart from this Dubai also proffers end to end privacy for the investors and businessmen along with limited reporting obligation.

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Eagle Management Services LLC.: Business Setup in Dubai Free Zone –

Eagle Managements services assist you all throughout the way of setting up a business in Dubai Free Zone. Our free zone business setup in Dubai helps you to conduct business all throughout the world. We can arrange the local distributor which is required to conduct your business in UAE. We also offer free consultation in case you need to know about your options and chances.

With our aid in Dubai Free Zone business set up you enjoy the benefits procured from the cancellation of taxation and import duty exemptions. We will also offer you a cent percent ownership of your company once you establish your company formation in this region.

Why Set up a business in Dubai Free Zone –

Dubai free zone company formations is suitable for those investors and businessmen who want to setup the company in an entirely facilitated and designated zone which is clumped with other foreign and UAE organizations in a relatively cheaper cost than local LLC organizations. Generally, these intelligent investors receive the advantages from the strategic location along with the low corporate tax liabilities. They can maintain to protect their assets and enjoys complete ownership in presence of the local sponsors.

Dubai Free Zone company set up is beneficial for the investors because it has the opportunity to open a free bank account along with the provisions of a tax free and confidential environment. Dubai Free Zone organizations also provides a simple, easy, flexible a functional corporate and license structure. start your ventures.

Apart from these there are also a few reasons for which you can opt to set up a company in the Dubai Free Zone. Those are respectively;

• Dubai offers a tax exempted atmosphere where you can invest money and reap good profits and benefits.

• A single individual can set up a business in Dubai Free Zone with a complete ownership.

• The owner is provided with assembling, production and warehouse facilities.

• Setting up a business in Dubai Free Zone provides you with a 25-year lease option.

• Reasonable renewal fees offering

• You can conduct more than one business related activities here.

Advantages of Business Setup in Dubai Free Zone –

A company formation in Dubai free zone provides the investigator with ample advantages. Those advantages include;

• Tax free status

• Security

• Confidentiality

• Lifestyle advantages

• A complete 100% foreign ownership is allowed to Dubai Free Zone companies.

• Proper English documentation.

• No abundance of restrictions and taxes in the fund transfers.

• Special custom exemption and privileges.

• Income, corporate and personal tax exemption.

• World class facilities and business premises offering

• Different and able workforce

• 3-year leverage of Investor UAE residence visas.

Eagle Management Services LLC.: Our solution in these

• Our team can identify the most feasible free zone in Dubai

• We can help you in gathering, preparing and accomplishing all necessary application and documentation.

• We can mediate with government authorities to acquire their chosen trade names.

• We can help you in business structuring complying to the rules and regulations.

• Proper license obtainment will be done by us.

• We will help you in visa application and processing.

• We can help you in opening a commercial bank account from your chosen bank service providers.

Eagle Management Services LLC. – An end to end support –

For settling a successful business set up and formation in Dubai free zone, Eagle Management Services provide an end to end support for every client which includes the provision of free face to face consultation, free on-call consultation and round the clock customer service support. We are definite that these facilities will certainly enhance the whole procedure with a touch of smoothness and clarity.

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