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The word offshore usually means that having benefits in finance, law, and taxation any program which is dependent on the execution, management, and operation with foreign countries. Emirates usually helps in offshore company formation. Therefore, any place where the investors, owners, or shareholders have their residence and access to in that place the company is registered. The company is also operated, managed, and controlled from outside the country.

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Eagle Management Services LLC.: Offshore company incorporation in UAE –

Generally, UAE offshore incorporation of a company assists the investors and the shareholders to run a business along with possessing the assets in the middle east region with the most proficiency and profit derived manner. There is also another seemingly helpful advantage that you can easily avoid the inept process of attestation of your documents through various embassies and ministry of foreign affairs.

Eagle Management Services playing the role of a service provider offers you various ranges of competitive offshore packages for offshore company formation in the UAE. Our service packages include various many things which are respectively; operation and management of your business, employing local employees, managing and maintaining along with entering into new agreements, renting or selling office space, distributing and selling goods and company services, drafting contracts, providing investments, taxation suggestion, banking recommendation and similarly many others.

Eagle management services also provide the required agent for registering your organization along with running the company operation. Our agent functions as an intermediator between the offshore enterprise and local government who generally represent the service provider.

Eagle Management Services LLC.: Offshore company formation in UAE –

The offshore companies or organizations in UAE are not issued with operating or business licenses, rather than that they are provided with a certificate of incorporation. But with the help and assistance obtained from Eagle Management Services, the company formation procedure in UAE becomes very simple and easy for investors, shareholders, and businessmen.

Eagle Management Services’ service support changes describe you the rules and regulations to company registration in UAE offshore region. We are the ones who will provide you with the safest and fastest way to company formation in UAE which will definitely save your time, money, and effort.

Our services are fast and dedicated. Alongshore that, our close association with government officials and international entities have helped us in the optimization of the business setup in UAE offshore with more ease and flexibility.

Requirements for Offshore company formation in UAE –

Offshore company formation in UAE is generally held by one or more than one person where submission of a signed application is necessary to the registrar of the offshore companies along with the supporting documents.

The offshore companies work under regulations along with lawful acts and activities. The proposed capital must remain shared in the application form.

The application form must include the complete name and address of the shareholder along with the number of shared proposals. The name and address of the director are also necessary. The application form at the end must be accompanied by the memorandum and article of association.

Apart from that the specific documentation which is required depending on the profile are mentioned below;

Individual Applicant –

• Applicant’s personal profile

• Applicant’s passport copy

• Bank reference letter

• Residence proof

• The passport copies of the director

• Power of attorney for pursuing incorporation process

Corporate Applicant –

• Registration certificate of the concerned company which must be duly legalized and attested.

• Certificate of the good standing of the company which should be legalized and attested.

• Memorandum and article of association of the company

• Bank reference letter

• Board resolution

Benefits of Offshore Company Formation in UAE –

• Except for the oil and foreign banks generally, no other personal tax or corporation tax is imposed in the emirate and federal level. In the case of liquor or tobacco which are considered as special goods, municipal fees and duties are imposed.

• The international company regulations require no type of local shareholding in offshore company formation that is why you can receive a 100% foreign ownership along with complete share equity.

• Once the required documentation is submitted, the registration process is very simple and it takes about 3-4 days for completion. Incorporation cost is also relatively low than the free zone or mainland entities.

• Offshore companies are not subjected to registration condition relative to the premises lease or guarantees or employment. However, when the offshore companies conduct their business through registered agents like law firms and accountants they face a low operational cost.

• There remains no requirement for the share capital.

• Through written documentation the offshore company shares are transferable.

• The liability of the shareholders in an offshore company is limited to their respective shares in the capital of the economy.

• Offshore company formation in UAE can be utilized for various many things which are respectively; international trading, asset protection, tax planning as well as acquiring real estate properties.

• Offshore companies can open an account in UAE bank and they can also choose the governing law.

Eagle Management Services Offerings in Offshore company formation in UAE –

• Registered office

• Registered agent

• Memorandum of association and articles of association preparation.

• Registration form preparation

• Incorporation certificate preparation

• Assistance in opening a multi-currency bank account

• Completing the filing process with the registrar.

Restriction on the activities of Offshore Company formation –

• The activities which are prohibited under the regulations of offshore company formation are respectively banking, insurance, and financial services.

• No commercial operations can be held within the UAE.

Eagle Management Services LLC. – An end to end support –

Eagle Management Services provide an end to end support for every client which includes the provision of free face to face consultation, free on-call consultation, and round the clock customer service support. We are definite that these facilities will certainly enhance the whole procedure with a touch of smoothness and clarity.

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