UAE Mainland

What is a Mainland Company?

A mainland company is considered as a company which is registered under the department of economic development of UAE. Generally, any entrepreneur or businessman is required to register his or her business entity under the department of economic development. Afterward, the individual or the group of individual are offered with the provision of a business license.

The business organizations or entities require authorization from certain authorities who regulate the given activities. The types of business include various purposes like commercial, trading, industrial, professional, or tourism.

The investors can apply both partnership establishment and sole establishment. Certain activities are only validated for UAE nationals. Apart from that, the shareholders can also arrange their service documents and can take part in mainland company formation.

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Eagle Management Services LLC.: Mainland Business Setup –

In order to attain a hassle-free, smooth yet budgetary business setup solution for any new businesses in the UAE mainland, good knowledge about the UAE market is very essential. Certain paperwork and approvals are required to set up any business in the mainland, and this part is solely managed and organized by Eagle Management Services. The required company incorporation is also handled by Eagle management services LLC.

We are closely partnered with the UAE government, that is why with the necessary documentation and government relationships, the process becomes easy and both guidance on consultants and closure are provided by us.

Apart from these, Eagle Management Services help you in providing assistance and benefits with UAE mainland company registration, trade license requirement, PRO services, visa procedures, and also finding UAE local partner within no time.

Eagle Management Services LLC.: Mainland Company Registration –

There are certain procedures through which Eagle Management Services helps you the procurement of mainland company registration. Those steps are respectively;

• The choice of the certain business activity type upon which you are going to conduct your business. You are free to choose several business activities.

• Depending upon the activity and owner’s declaration, choosing the correct legal formation.

• The selection of trade names is the next procedure, where you are required to provide a clear and meaningful name without the involvement of any religion base. The submission of documents to the partners is required in this phase, to continue the process.

• The next step is obtaining the initial as well as the preliminary approval from the DED about the company.

• The next step is basically the preparation of the Memorandum of Association and Local Sponsor Agreement according to the provided information.

• Generally, a lease contract is necessary to conclude the registration process. It can be purchased or rented from any of the places where you have conducted your registration.

• There are a few related approvals which are required from the other departments like Civil Defence, Ministry of Health and Prevention, etc.

• After finishing all the activities, and having all the approvals ready and payments done, the business license will be issued along with the memorandum of association.

Eagle Management Services LLC.: Our assistance in mainland company formation –

We offer appropriate legal advice which facilitates the process and foreign companies understand the whole legal structure of conducting business. We also help in setting up the procedures.

Alongshore this, the mainland company registration and choice of the perfect business structure are well handled by us. We feel delighted to further assist you in visa application, tax certification, along with guiding you throughout the whole process from start to end.

Eagle Management Services LLC. – An end to end support –

For settling a successful business set up and formation in UAE mainland, Eagle Management Services provide an end to end support for every client which includes the provision of free face to face consultation, free on-call consultation and round the clock customer service support. We are definite that these facilities will certainly enhance the whole procedure with a touch of smoothness and clarity.

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