Attestation Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Attestation Services in Dubai: Eagle Management Services Provision –

Dubai is considered as a wonderful destination for many of the immigrants and businessmen for the purpose of better employment and various business opportunities.

Eagle Management Services offer the provision of skillful, brilliant, and quality attestation services in Dubai. Our offering of attestation services includes personal, educational, and commercial documents for the purpose of utilizing them in Dubai.

Our assistance lies in providing your attested certificates quickly from your home country and hands you out the attested documents as early as possible.

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Attestation Services in Abu Dhabi: Eagle Management Services Provision –

Certificate attestation is regarded as an important process for utilizing documents in Abu Dhabi for receiving student permits, work permits, or even family visas. The procedure is especially required for verifying or authenticating the document.

Eagle Management Services, as a number one attestation service provider, assists you in obtaining your attested certificates as early as possible. Our long experience in attestation services finally offers quality and longevity.

Attestation Service in Sharjah: Eagle Management Services Provision –

Regarding the subject of immigrating to Sharjah for the purpose of education or employment, the most necessary process of immigration is your document attestation which is required to be issued from your home for the purpose of utilizing it in Sharjah.

Eagle Management Services, as a trusted and authentic certificate attestation organization approved by ministries and embassies, we help and assist you in obtaining hindrance free certificate attestation services in Sharjah.

Our experts and specialists help you in attestation services on the other hand our business setup consultants authenticate and verify your documents for any kind of necessity be it education, employment, spouse visa, or any kind of business matters.

Attestation Services in UAE: Eagle Management Services Provision –

Certificate Attestation is an important step for all documents and paperwork which are about to be accepted by the UAE government. It is especially required for the purpose of authenticating the certificates and information which are submitted by the immigrants when they decide to move o UAE for any educational, business, or employment, or even family purpose.

Eagle Management Services offer the provision of hindrance free and transparent documents attestation services in UAE. The offered attestation services by Eagle Management Services assist you in attesting necessary documents for utilizing them in UAE promptly and efficiently.

Our attestation service includes various documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, educational document, and commercial documents.

Certificate Attestation –

Certificate Attestation is considered as the process of formally certifying the documents for proving authenticity and uniqueness. Mainly it is conducted for a marriage certificate, birth certificate, educational and commercial documents.

Marriage Certificate Attestation –

A marriage certificate is considered as legal proof that two people are married. It is reckoned as an essential document when you travel or relocate to foreign countries and is generally issued by the church, temple, or mosque.

The details which are included in the marriage certificate are generally; 1. Name of the bride and groom. 2. Age and marital status of the parties 3. Date of marriage 4. Place of marriage 5. Address of the bride and the groom 6. Name of the witnesses 7. The name of the person who formalized the marriage.

Especially in the UAE, attestation upon the marriage certificate is essential for authorizing the legalization of the marriage in the home country in accordance with the UAE laws. Marriage certificates usually have to be attested from the authority of the issuing country.

Degree Certificate Attestation –

It is considered as a mandatory requirement for obtaining some international purposes. It is a type of educational document which signifies the graduate qualification of any student. Universities, colleges, or educational institutions are the supreme authority for providing the degree certificate which consists of name, course of study, name of the institution and marks or grades received, etc.

Degree certificate attestation is conducted for receiving am employment visa in foreign countries. The applicant has to have a home country attestation for original documents before receiving an attestation from the embassy of the intended country of application.

The process validates the degree and makes a confirmation of the authentic certificate.

HRD Attestation –

HRD attestation is regarded as a process conducted by the HRD department of the state. HRD attestation is a legalized process for authenticating an educational document. It is considered as the initial step towards educational document legalization.

HRD attestation is possible for all educational documents issued under MHRD. All the educational documents which require attestation or apostille must be first authenticated by the state human resource development of the concerned state in which place the document has been issued.

In certain countries, HRD attestation is compulsory for obtaining a visa, employment, or higher education standard. You are required to go through the state HRD attestation procedures to receive attestation from the embassy.

Purpose of Educational Document Attestation –

• For the purpose of securing employment visas or labor cards in the UAE for the majority of the designations.

• For pursuing higher education.

• For writing ministry of health.

• Department of Health examinations by various doctors, nurses, pharmacists or laboratory technicians, etc.

• For receiving the equivalent certificates.

Purpose of Non-Educational Document Attestation –

• For the purpose of securing a residence visa for different dependents like wife, children, or in-laws.

• For the purpose of receiving school admission for children.

• For obtaining power of attorney.

• For securing the right to get involved in the sale of properties in India.

• For the purpose of removing the LLC partnership by a condition which is that the partner in India does not wish to extend the partnership.

• For securing an attested experience certificate.

Required Educational Document –

• Original Certificate.

• Passport Copy

• Authorization Letter

• Passport-sized photograph

• Mark Sheet of previous education.

Required Non-Educational Document –

• Original Certificate

• Passport Copy

• Authorization Letter

• Passport-sized photograph

Eagle Management Services Provision in Attestation Services –

Eagle Management Services offer the provision of an affordable, reliable, and transparent document attestation procedure with a fast, secure, and round the clock service support. It is generally provided by the specialist and expert professionals of the organization.

Eagle Management Services provides the legalization of documents through an authentic system. Being a hard operation, Eagle Management Services puts every effort to employ their renowned experience and resourceful network.

Eagle Management Service offering is inclusive of educational and non-educational document attestation taking in diplomas, degrees, certificates, etc.

They put serious attention to the detail of every document in the process from collection to delivery so that none goes damaged or missed.

The benefits of Eagle Management Service Provision –

• User-friendly, instant, and hindrance free dealing approach.

• Appropriate guidance and support provision from experienced professionals and experts round the clock.

• Professional assistance from competent staff.

• Secure and safe document handling.

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