Amer Center Services in Dubai, UAE

Amer Center –

Dubai government established Amer Centers across the emirate. According to the statistics, 70 Amer centers have been inaugurated with having many more on the way. As an instance, Amer Center or Amer Typing center can be utilized for the submission of necessary documentation and paperwork to the staff if any of your family members are applying for a residence visa. Eventually, the required and delivered information will be encoded and will be processed into the government system.

Amer Centers specifically process visa applications. Amer Centers are operated under the complete supervision of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).

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Welcome note from Eagle Management Services to the Amer Center for Amer Services in Dubai, UAE –

Eagle Management Services is a government authorized provider of Amer services in Dubai. Eagle Management Services’ customer service provider, specialists, and experts simplify the legal and governmental procedure in UAE for you so that you can delve more time on your business activities and operations.

Our experienced and skilful teams provide valuable offerings regarding Amer services. The offered services are fast, transparent, reliable, and classy. Eagle Management Services, as a whole, delivers UAE visa services, PRO services in Dubai, Government services in UAE along with personified Amer Services.

Our Amer Services had helped us to retain customers and they are more than satisfied with our extraordinary processing and programming. Our documentation services minimize the operational cost and overall expense while accelerating the additional profit. Our typing services are also affordable and cost-efficient.

Amer Center: Services to Process –

Amer specifically means Command. The term is itself a symbol for various services that a UAE citizen or resident can attain in their office. The services which you can process in Amer Centers are respectively;

• Application for entry permits

• Application to visit visas

• Renewal of UAE visas

• Emirates ID services

• Maid visa services

• Employee Sponsorship Transfer Application

• Dependence oriented visit visas

• Visa extension application

• Other government services

Amer centers also cooperate and coordinate with various other government agencies which are respectively; Department of Economic Development, Dubai Courts, Dubai Municipality, Emirates Identity Authority, Federal Customs Authority as well as Ministry of Labour.

Basically Amer Center serves as a one-stop-shop that offers multiple government services for any UAE resident or citizen.

Eagle Management Services: An End to End Support –

We here at Eagle Management Services assist you in organizing and managing any type of visas. Our various services are inclusive of work permits, DED licenses, any kind of application, submission, approval, and delivery process for the GDRFA and DNRD services. With a skilful and expert team and provision of constant guidance and assistance, our mission is to bring you with the most convenient and cost-efficient services.

Our support will help you to obtain a sense of clarity, transparency, smoothness, and simplification in every procedure you wish to conduct.

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